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Manufacturing - Service - Trade Dariusz Malec, a manufacturer of windows and doors made of wood (pine, meranti, oak, Sapele) located in Bialogard Street. Queen Jadwiga 13e offers windows and doors in the System Eurofelz IV 68 or in the Scandinavian system (opening outwards), exterior doors (according to the schedule, the formula) and interior doors. Manufactured joinery to meet all the requirements acc. Adopted standards for housing and utilities, at any technically feasible to comply with the shape, with glazing bars of wood on the glass and wood or aluminum in color corresponding to the window frame. We offer transport and assembly to all Europe, high standard, short term of realization and low prices.

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The basic materials used in the manufacture of our windows:

- pine, meranti, oak or sapele - glued three-layer

- preservatives and varnishes, water companies “Teknos”, woodstains “Kupsa”

- hardware envelope SIEGENIA and ROTO (windows Eurofelz) and IPA (windows Scandinavian)

- glazing of the parameters required by the client (in the standard glass unit, with K = 1.0 Termofloat 4x16x4, 4x18x4)

- gaskets by Dewenter and Primo

- aluminum drip edge on the wing of the window for protection against weather

NOTE:  Wood coated with transparent varnish view structure of wood tones may vary on individual elements of the woodwork. The reasons are the natural properties of wood. Guarantee is given on a wooden joinery for 5 years. Detailed conditions for the implementation and delivery woodwork are listed in the sales contract, which is an integral part of the offer and the parties accept the findings as valid by their signature.

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