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Dutch Windows

Dutch Windows

Windows of the dutch profile is another proposal our company intended to the dutch market. Carpentry in this system are adapted to market requirements and meets all standards. This system is close to the system by the scandinavian structure, however, differs thickness profile of the frame and the wings. Is characterised by a very broad frame and the opening system as in scandinavian windows - opening outwards. In most of the windows on the dutch market are carried out with meranti and painted masked colours. Very characteristic feature of windows is colouring, very often window frames are painted in a different colour than wings. Also a way of glazing windows is the original - very often we use glass from the old windows and put them in the new windows.

Okna Holenderskie      Okna Holenderskie      


Properly selected Three-layer glued wood, Profile 112mm frame. Size of windows and dimensions depend on individual order.

Heat transmission

Heat transfer coefficient  for the windows is about uW: 1,3 W/m2K.


Pine, Meranti.


Four-court system (impregnation and three-time coating). 

Standard colors in RAL or NCS, impregnated and painted by “Teknos” and "Sigma" 

Oil colourless - carpentry oiled with visible structure of wood.


Double-glazing, thermal isulation glass, 4-16Ar-4, 24 mm unit, U=1.0 W/m2K. with Argon.

Triple-glazing, thermal isulation glass, 4-8Ar-4-8Ar-4, 28 mm unit, U=0.7 W/m2K. with Krypton.

Possibility to select special types of glass: ornamental glass, safety, security (P2, P4), sun protection, etc.

Spacer bar in standard, in option “warm-edge” spacer.


Genuine fixtures by “IPA” and “ASSA”, stylish hooks or bolts and handles, modes of opening (Top Swing, Side Swing, Top Hung, Side Hung).


Profile gaskets by “Deventer” and “Qlon” for ideal isulation and protection, Colors of gaskets matches to the woodwork colors. 


Aluminum drip by “Aluron”, anodized in white, silver, brown. In option it could be covered in timber-drip. 


“Perennator” and “Dow-Corning” silicone, matches to woodwork color: white, clear, dark brown, chocolate brown, sarni brown, brown, grey, black etc..


Handles or stylish hooks.


5 year.

Okna Holenderskie

Okna Holenderskie

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