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Outside Doors

Our outside doors we are doing with the chosen glued wood - pink meranti high hardness and density. By using the profile of dj 68 (wing 68 mm), our doors show high tightness and stability.  To give this construction full and long-term imperviousness to external factors, our doors are made by lacquers Teknos company, through which we are giving full guarantee on the 5 years to their coating. As the security, we used locks of german production GU. To fulfil the wings as isolation we use special multilayer panels made from water-safe plywood, completed flesh-stimulating polyurethane and bilaterally outlined foil. Having in mind the fact that it is the most important and most efective element external facade, our doors are made individually according to the project. We are able to perform any design at any solution. In our door you can follow any glass types, since the german ancient lenses katedral after modern antisol, dyed on different colours or ornamental glasses.


We produced our outside doors for individual order.  It’s possibility to made for all other doors. Please send us the door style that interest you on our e-mail address, and we’ll make you an offer for this door. All doors are made according to customer's formula. Here are some examples of our door designs below :

DZ 1DZ 2DZ 3DZ 4DZ 5DZ 6

DZ 7DZ 8DZ 9DZ 10 DZ 11 DZ 12

DZ 13DZ 14DZ 15DZ 16DZ 17DZ 18

DZ 19DZ 20DZ 21DZ 22DZ 23DZ 24

DZ 25DZ 26 DZ 27 DZ 28

DZ 29 DZ 30 DZ 31 DZ 32

DZ 33 DZ 34 DZ 35 DZ 36

DZ 37 DZ 38 DZ 39DZ 40

DZ 41DZ 42DZ 43DZ 44

DZ 45DZ 46DZ 47DZ 48

DZ 49DZ 50DZ 51DZ 52

DZ 53DZ 54DZ 55DZ 56

DZ 57DZ 58DZ 59DZ 60

DZ 61DZ 62DZ 63DZ 64DZ 65

DZ 66DZ 67DZ 68DZ 69DZ 70

Our firm carries out of each type of doors, starting from the door simple and modern and ending on a style door. We offer the full range of the implementation together with the measurement and their assembly. Here we are presenting some pictures of our realizations:

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