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Our windows are applicable in historic buildings with characteristic architecture. Stylish Windows it's the offer our company addressed to those of you who cherish the old style of architecture and the reference to tradition. Going on against the expectations not only of the customers of individual or company but also  monuments conservators, who are responsible for maintenance of buildings in the unaltered state style and appearance of many years before, we have prepared a proposal to stylish windows. Technology this carpentry does not differ much from windows system eurofelz. Enriched is on several ornaments made from wood permanently connected with the window. In addition, the window such may be equipped with a painted glass - painting on special order at developed the project and the formula.

We are trying to ensure that our carpentry was the decoration and style image, antique architecture and chivalrous to its character and at the same time survived the time and be still the same by the next long years.



Stylish Windows constructed according to the profile, require the extraordinary precission, accuracy and fair approach to performed works. It is essential to every detail, which must be maintained in every component issued from beginning to end in such a way to create a coherent whole. By acquiring knowledge and experience in the manufacture of wooden windows over the last 20 years, today we can boast such a typical joinery done by our company in many buildings, for example:

  • The Opera in Wroclaw
  • University in Szczecin
  • The Social Care Home in Krzecko
  • The Office Municipalities in Karlino
  • The Team Schools no. 1. in Koszalin
  • The Team Schools no. 2. in Koszalin
  • The Palace in Ramlewo
  • Artistic Agency in Szczecin
  • The Students Home in Szczecin
  • The Office Municipalities in Rewal

There is only an examples of our realizations. This wide range of our work which offers our firm is a guarantee of our experience and possessed of knowledge and hence member satisfaction with the fairly work done.

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