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Winter Gardens

Winter gardens is nothing like the extra room in home, which perfectly gives light inside and allow for the permanent connect with the surrounding nature and be her so close even in winter, when outside are negative temperature and unpleasant weather. It is an excellent way to increase space and of the use-surface home. Increasingly most popular feature of any home, becomes the place of everyday life cohabitees. Is an excellent transition between the interior of the house and its garden externally. Such a garden is not only "terrace with roof" for the summer season, but perfectly fulfils its function throughout the year, both in the summer and winter.

Our winter gardens we are doing with wood sized in such a system which are produced windows of the eurosystem, and we are applying to the roof the wood structure with aluminium. Implementation of such garden requires extraordinary precision and a large experience. It's not challenge to create such structures, which will be the jewel in your home and at the same time will provide security.Elements of aluminium to construct the roof applied by the us have been developed by successful producer. "Effector" company specialize from years in the production of aluminium used in wooden carpentry. Glazing of the roof and walls of the applicable it is just as in windows, with special focus on heating and the penetration of ultraviolet rays which runs the formation of the greenhouse effect. Possible to apply stopping glass 90% of uv radiation, with a coefficient of heat transmission k = 0,9, various types of matt windscreen.

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